"I always appreciate when information for media is succinct, to the point and timely and Toni always delivers on all three aspects"  –Bill Dorman, Hawai'i Public Radio

Toni Parras

​​in her own words

about toni

In my varied career, I've worked with a range of groups—from world-renowned scientists, tribal clan leaders in the Indo-Pacific, and fisherfolk in poverty-stricken locales around the globe, to Academy Award-winning artists, A-List celebrities, and even a Swiss billionaire. ​​In each case, I was able to bridge class and cultural ​​boundaries to find a genuine connection with  people and work toward a shared goal.  That is my strength and my passion.

Toni is an accomplished communications professional

with a diverse set of skills in media and public relations, marketing, writing and photography, campaign and exhibit design and evaluation, and events coordination. 

With decades of experience in the film, television and print industries, and another ten working in the corporate, nonprofit and government sectors, Toni has a unique combination of experience and skills. 

"Toni is very strategic and directed in her communications efforts, and is very diplomatic in working with multiple partners on complex projects" –Dan Dennison, Government Communications and Broadcast news executive